Episode – October 2016 – Abortion, MMIW, Land Defenders

Episode – September 2016 – About LegalEase!

Episode – August 2016 – Building a Better World

Episode April 2016 – “This drought that will kill us”

Episode January 2016 – No Justice, No Peace

Episode December 2015 – Rising

Episode November 2015 – Under Siege

Episode December 2014 – Making Lives Matter

Episode October 2014 – Stop!

Episode 41 – Institutions of Oppression

Episode 40 – Race, Gender, and Social Context

Episode 39 – Living Resistance

Episode 38 – The Status of Status

Episode 35 – Rethinking Legal Structures

Episode 34 – Methods of Suppression

Episode 33: Legal Decisions and Social Change

Episode 32: Police, Protest and Peaceful Assembly

Episode 31: The New Frontier: Le Plan Nord

Episode 30: Addressing the Medium – Social Media, Revolution, and Critical Race Theory

Episode 29: Le Pouvoir – La Lutte des femmes et le projet de loi C-10.

Episode 28: Crackdown – Student rebellion at McGill

Episode 27: Remembering and Responsibility

Episode 26: Crimes – Looking closely at the Tory Crime Agenda

Episode 25: On Strike! – MUNACA Strike and Labour Rights

Episode 24: Racial Discrimination and Profiling – Quebec-focused feature conversation with Fo Niemi

Episode 23: Litigation for Social Change

Episode 22: Poursuites-Baillons / Strategic Litigation Against Public Participation (SLAPPs)

Episode 21: The Future of Immigration Refugee Law in Canada

Episode 20: Downtown Eastside, Vancouver

Episode 19: Executive Actions

Episode 18: Trials and Tribunals

Episode 17: Gender/Sexuality and The Law

Episode 16: On the Margins

Episdoe 15: Assisted Suicide and the Law

Episode 14: Une vie solidaire – Natacha Binsse-Masse et le G20 : Hommage to activist-lawyer Natacha Binsse-Masse and an interview discussing the protests at Toronto’s G20 (June 2010).

Episode 13: Case Study: The Oka Crisis at 20 Years : Focus on the Oka Crisis of 1990: clashes between one Mohawk community and the Canadian State.

Episode 12: First Nations and the Law : McGill’s Aboriginal Field Study course in Kahnawake, The Native Women’s Shelter of Montreal, and the Algonquin Barriere Lake community.

Episode 11: Mental Health and the Law : L’Autre Montreal tour and Professor and clinical ethicist Ron Sklar.

Episode 10: Silent Labourers : 90 years of the ILO and international protections for domestic workers, Mayer on Quebec v. Francophones in the ROC, and Bookman’s legal historical biography of little-known Ontario Superior Court judge.

Episode 9: Creatures of Statute : Mayer on Francophone Schools, Kim Brooks on the budget ritual, and 100 years of the Royal Canadian Navy in historical perspective.

Episode 8: The Legitimatrix : Evidence and Technology, Francophone identity outside Québec, SCC Omar Khadr Decision, and Legal Frontiers Blog

Episode 7: Reproductive Rights : Roundtable on Reproductive Rights

Episode 6: Mining for Law : Bill C-300 on Mining and the Equitable Licensing of Essential Medicines

Episode 5: Community and Rights : Radio, Gender Sensitivity and The Indian Act

Episode 4: Women’s Voices and Freedoms : Freedom of Speech and Abortion at McGill

Episode 3: Taxes, Houses, and the Sub-prime Mortgage Crisis : A  Documentary

Episode 2: Judges and Improv : How do judges reason?

Episode 1: Wrath: Grapes of Wrath and Protests in Iran

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