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Episode 6 – December 2009 – Mining for Law

This is the first update in a while, but its a good one. Hold on to your socks and stockings.

McKay in Action

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Welcome to LegalEase – a Montreal-based, produced and broadcast radio show concerning “The Law”. Episode 6 is divided into two parts.

First, contributor Phil Duguay will look at various aspects of the recent Canadian parliamentary initiative Bill C-300 on Mining. Duguay interviews the bill’s primary author, member of parliament Hon. John McKay (Scarborough—Guildwood, Lib.).

In short, the purpose of the Act is to, “ensure that corporations engaged in mining, oil or gas activities and receiving support from the Government of Canada act in a manner consistent with international environmental best practices and with Canada’s commitments to international human rights standards.”


Universities Allied for Essential Medicines: Our drugs. Our labs. Our responsibility.

Second, we will play some footage from a recent discussion Panel entitled: Improving Global Access to McGill’s Health Innovations. The theme is the equitable licensing of drugs. We will hear from Ms. Rachel Kiddell-Monroe, the President of the Board for Universities Allied for Essential Medicines (UAEM).

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