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“It’s a Steal”: Foreclosures in Florida

Great documentary on Foreclosures in Florida. It discusses some complex issues, like “title insurance”.

Listen to it by clicking here.

It’s a Steal (Documentary)

We started off the segment with Joe Koebel. He sells foreclosed homes in Florida. There have been a lot of those on the market in the wake of the US mortgage crisis. And a lot of the people doing the buying have been Canadians … who buy more property in Florida than any other group of foreigners.

But now, there are allegations that many of the foreclosed homes may have been seized through a system that is unfair … and perhaps even corrupt. The Current’s Howard Goldenthal headed down to Florida last year to look into those allegations and to find out how they are affecting Canadians. Here’s his documentary, It’s a Steal – which first aired on The Current in November.”