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Episode 35 – Rethinking Legal Structures

Welcome et bienvenue to LegalEase: a monthly Montreal-based and produced radio show on 90.3 FM CKUT – a broadcast about law, cast broadly. Le collectif LegalEase est un groupe d’étudiants et étudiantes en droit de la communauté montréalaise.This month the program is entitled, “Rethinking Legal Structures.”

“C’est pas extrêmement du fun.”

Listen to the Episode Here


Host Garret Zehr guides us through three main topics, all of which force a reconsideration of the present legal structure in place. In order: 1) the Quebec Student Movement and the legal struggles of CLASSE and other activists in the courts – J-P MacKay speaks with Me Sibel Ataogul; 2) Adelle Blackett offers an evaluation of the legal framework of labour law, especially as it applies to workers from the global south and in relation to domestic workers; and 3) Me Étienne Poitras sur la sujet des mouvements sociales et les droits de manifestants.

LegalEase on 90.3 FM is a radio program broadcast every second Friday of the month at 11am EST from Montreal, Quebec. Originally founded by the McGill Legal Information Clinic in 1989, LegalEase is now run by a collective of progressive of law students from McGill University. Our weekly radio show deals with legal topics of interest to the community, with the intention of making the law both accessible and engaging. Tune into our show, follow us on Twitter @LegalEaseCkut, email legalease[at]ckut.ca or check our podcast library for past programming.

LEGALEASE on CKUT- Summer shows archived for your aural enjoyment

McGill Law’s Radio show LEGALEASE on CKUT 90.3 FM is available online now! Unlimited quantity. Here is a look at some of the trouble we’ve been stirring up this summer. We are a collective of law students at McGill University in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

1. EPISODE 1: Wrath (July 10, 2009) –


This week we first look at the situation in Iran post the 2009 elections and popular protests. In the second portion we read law into J. Steinbeck’s novel The Grapes of Wrath.

2. EPISODE 2: Judges and Improv (July 31, 2009) –


Here we consider the following question: is the Judge an improvisatory virtuoso?

In our first half, LEGALEASE takes a look at the recent conference ‘Lex Non Scripta, Ars Non Scripta: Law, Justice and Improvisation’ which took place at the Sala Rossa on June 19th and 20th, 2009, featuring an address by Jonathan Neufeld, an assitant professor of philosophy at Vanderbilt University.

In the second half of the program we speak with Venezuelan Supreme Court Justice Fernando Vegas Torrealba on being a revolutionary lawyer, the 1999 Constitution, and other fun topics (i.e. socialism). http://www.tsj.gov.ve/eltribunal/magistrados/fernandovegas.shtml