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Episode 29 (Jan 2012) – Le Pouvoir

Welcome et bienvenue to LegalEase: a monthly radio show on 90.3 FM CKUT. We broadcast law broadly. Le collectif LegalEase est un groupe d’étudiantEs en droit de la communauté montréalaise. This month the program is entitled, “Le Pouvoir.” Power in the classroom, power in the legal profession, power in the courtroom.

Many groups oppose the Tory Crime Bill

Nous commençons avec Stephany Laperriere qui nous emporte à l’UQAM pour un table-ronde sur la projet de loi C-10 presentée par la ligue des droits et libertes. The Omnibus crime bill will have a major effect on judges, lawyers and the relationship between society and incarcerated persons. [Note – since this broadcast, the bill has passed through the Senate and has received Royal Assent. You may review Bill C-10 here.]

Next, we sit down with Ellen Schlesinger on Women in the Legal Profession and why women so often leave the field. LegalEase then transitions into a broad conversation on the subject of mental health and the practice of law.

Ellen Schlesinger

Featured Songs: Blue King Brown, “Resist”; “Pueblo Get Ready,” Las MIgrantes.

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