LegalEase McGill – CKUT 90.3 Montreal – Womyn’s Voices and Freedoms

Welcome to Legal Ease – a monthly Montreal-based, produced and broadcast radio show concerning “The Law”. The collective is composed of law students from McGill University.

In our first half, we discuss Buffy Sainte-Marie and her legacy. The CIA black-listed 1960s Cree singer has been a strong voice on women’s equality, native issues, and peace for half a century. Her recent concert as part of POP Montreal offered an opportunity to reflect on her legacy and play a few songs.

In our second half, LegalEase looks at the recent controversy at McGill. After organizing an event entitled “Echoes of the Holocaust” comparing abortion to genocide, Choose Life McGill, a SSMU club, was subject to criticisms and protests by other McGill students. The university administration organized a follow-up townhall on controversial events at McGill. LegalEase contrasts reproductive rights and freedom of speech, while considering some relevant legal issues.

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